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Butt Kicker vs Aura Pro



The ultimate battle of the bass shaker: can there be only one survivor?

ButtKicker Reviews

The ButtKicker is a cult bass shaker that deserves all the praise heaped upon it. But is it the right bass shaker for you? Find out with my reviews of the ButtKicker LFE and the ButtKicker Gamer. Enjoy!

ButtKicker LFE Review

buttkicker-lfe-small.jpgWhen people think 'bass shaker' their first thought is often 'ButtKicker LFE'. Find out if this flagship bass shaker lives up to the hype!


ButtKicker Gamer Review


The ButtKicker Gamer is a bass shaker that attaches to the middle pole of your desk chair. Find out how it can punch up your game play.



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