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Clark Synthesis Silver Tactile Transducer TST239

Reviewed by Jerry Toga on .

Sensational Silver is no longer second place!

In this review, I look at how the newly released model of the Clark Synthesis Silver Tactile Transducer is a real contender against the super-popular ButtKicker. The Clark can now hold its head up with pride among the mid-range transducers.

Rating: 4.5


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Do we love it?

Sure, it doesn't have the power of the more exy Platinum, but the Clark Silver now has a tactile force peak of 297 lb-ft, which pips ButtKicker at the post (216 lb-ft). At only $175 (a much cheaper price point than the ButtKicker), the Silver deserves your attention. Make sure you get the latest model: it boasts 40% more force than in previous models. And boy, you can feel it.

The drummers_bass_shaker.jpgdrummer's choice

There is a belief among many drummers that the Clark range gives very, very accurate responses, and I must admit I was blown away by the precision when you listen to music. If you are a music buff, you can't go wrong with this baby.

Try them out with some of the choons below.


Anything to complain about?

The Silver can "hear" sound down to 15Hz (in other words, if you feed any sounds lower than 15Hz into the Silver, you won't get a shake out of it). So if you love to take things reaaal low, the Platinum and the ButtKicker LFE might be your choice: these fierce little gadgets have an incredible low end of 5Hz. Of course, the Silver beats the cheap and cheerful Aura, which can only hear down to 20Hz, but you'd expect that given the price difference. "Why should I care about going lower than 15Hz?" I hear you cry. "Most movies don't produce sound lower than 20Hz, and I won't miss much." I can't argue with you, there, but you must admit we're starting to see a new trend in recent movies to experiment with low sounds. If you're an LFE-addict, this is definitely a factor to consider.









Clark synthesis silver

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Technical Specifications

  • Power handling: 100 watts RMS/350 watts max
  • Tactile frequency range: 15-800 Hz
  • Audible frequency range: 35-17,0000 Hz
  • Impedance: 4 ohms
  • Transduction force: 2.2 lb-ft/watt
  • Tactile force peak: 297 lb-ft
  • Dimensions: 8" dia. x 2.25" H.

Rating: 4.5


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