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The top of the range Clark Synthesis products hit the sweet spot in finesse and sophistication. There is no other transducer available on the market today that has the power of the Clark Synthesis Platinum. Whether you actually need that much power - well, that's between you, your visa card, and your couch!


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The Clark Synthesis Platinum TST429 is THE most powerful tactile transducer created by Clark.

The Clark Synthesis Gold TST329 packs about half the punch of the Platinum, but is still a cracker!

The Clark Synthesis Silver TST239 is an affordable option, but lacks the power of its big sisters.


FAQs about the Clark Synthesis Range

Why is it called a tactile trandsucer (rather than a bass shaker)?

Unlike bass shakers, tactile transducers don't just shake at low sounds; they respond to the full gamut, from very low to very high. Say for example you're watching a scary movie, and a door is slowly creaking closed, and then slams shut with a bang. The Clark transducers will let you feel the high-pitched creak as well as the bang.

Is it important to feel both low and high sounds?

Many people prefer to just feel the bang, and not the creak. After all in real life, we are more likely to feel deep sounds than high ones.

If you are very sensory person, who is ultra-aware of the physical experience of sounds, then perhaps the Clark is more for you. Alternatively, if you crave only low frequency effects, you may be happier with the cheaper ButtKicker or MUCH cheaper Aura.

Does a tactile transducer produce sound?

Yes, the Clark tactile transducer also differs from bass shakers because it produces audio AND phyical sound. Bass shakers usually just shake: they don't produce any sounds. In other words, when you buy a tactile transducer, you're getting a bass shaker and speaker in one.

Does the price include customer service?

Yes, you are buying a gadget that comes with excellent customer service. This becomes important  if you're setting out on a complicated home theater adventure: you want to know there's a team of experts eagerly waiting for your desperate email. This reviewer has always found them helpful and prompt. They'll even provide you with enough speaker wire to suit your own particular home theater needs (if you ask for it). Yes, the Clark brand is expensive, but you do get what you pay for.

Compare power, price and performance of the Clark Synthesis against the ButtKicker and the Aura Shaker


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